Our History

The Legend of Starr Pass

Starr Pass has a rich history tied to early western exploration. Pioneered in 1884 by Richard Starr as a means to travel to a mining boom town 70 miles away the Legend of Starr Pass was born. Explore more below.

1884 Starr Pass Stagecoach Line Built

In 1884 Richard Starr pioneered a stagecoach trail through the Tucson Mountains.

The Richard Starr Stagecoach Line traveled through the Tucson Mountain pass that is now the 6th fairway on the Coyote Course. This trail served as an expedited route from Tucson to Quijota, a mining boomtown 70 miles to the southwest. The original Starr Pass still exists today, known as the Starr Pass Trail.

1986 Starr Pass Golf Course Opened

Designed by Craig Stadler and Bob Cupp, the original 18 holes opened in 1986. We know these courses as Coyote and Rattler today

1987 "TPC at Starr Pass" hosts the 1987 Tucson Open

PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beaman selects Starr Pass to host the Tucson Open. Hand picked for its natural beauty and rugged terrain. With a score of -20 under par Mike Reid goes on to win the 1987 tournament by a four stroke lead.

1988 David Frost wins 1988 Tucson Open

David Frost wins 1988 Tucson Open with a 5 stroke lead to end up -22

1990 1990 winner of the Tucson Open - Robert Gamez

Robert Gamez finishes the 1990 Tucson Open with -18 under and a 4 stroke lead

1991 Amature Phil Mickelson wins the 1991 Tucson Open at Starr Pass!

January 13th, 1991 Phil Mickelson wins the Tucson Open at Starr Pass as an amateur. With a score of -16 and a 1 stroke lead over Tom Purtzer.

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1992 Lee Janzen wins the 1992 Tucson Open

1992 winner Lee Janzen wins by 1 stroke with a total score of -18 under par.

1993 TPC at Starr Pass renamed to Starr Pass Golf Club

Course renamed to Starr Pass Golf Club. Larry Mize wins the 1993 Tucson Open with a score of -17 and a 2 stroke lead.

1994 Andrew Magee wins at Starr Pass

With a 2 stroke lead and a final score of -18 Andrew Magee is named the 1994 Tucson Open winner.

1995 Mickelson wins again in Tucson

Phil Mickelson goes on to win for the second time in Tucson, with the tournament split between Starr Pass and Tucson National, Phil ends up on top with a 1 stroke lead and a score of -19 to par on the final day of the tournament hosted at Tucson National.

1996 Final year of the Tucson Open at Starr Pass

Phil Mickelson wins again by a 2 stroke lead and a final score of 19. Two days of the four day tournament was held here at Starr Pass.

2005 Arnold Palmer designs additional 9-hole course at Starr Pass

Palmer designed nine new holes that would become nicknamed "Palmer 9" and formally named Roadrunner.

2023 Troon takes over managing Starr Pass Golf Club

Troon selected to manage Starr Pass as a part of its Resort and Daily-Fee division. A new era of The Club at Starr Pass begins.

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